Active Firefighter

Active Firefighter As an active firefighter you will be responsible for running emergency calls (fire, ems, rescue.) You will be required to attend a weekly drill which is every Wednesday night starting at 6 pm. Members will be assigned to a cleanup crew, which meets once a month and cleans the station and equipment thoroughly. This position is time consuming; however, it is very rewarding.

Requirements –

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Valid PA driver’s license
  • Clear background check
  • Live within the West Lake response district or close proximity
  • Pass an NFPA Physical

Application Review – Your application will be reviewed by the investigative committee and an interview date will be set up. Upon a successful interview, the committee will recommend the applicant for a probationary status, which is anywhere from six months to one year. During the probation period, probationary firefighters will be required to obtain certifications required to get voted off probationary status.

List of Classes to complete probation period –

  • PA Essentials of Firefighting (88 hours) or DELMAR Course (188 hours)
  • Emergency Medical Technician or Emergency Medical Responder (180 hours or 48 hours approximately)
  • Hazardous Material Operations (24 hours)

***To obtain an online application, click the ‘recruitment’ tab.***