Junior Firefighter

Junior Firefighter – The Junior Firefighter Program was created for the purpose of recruiting future firefighters, as well as giving the youth (ages 16 – 18) of the community a place to learn new skills. Training is held on Wednesday nights (6 pm- 10 pm). Juniors are permitted to participate in all aspects of the training as long as it does not put the Junior Firefighter into danger or violate PA Child Labor Laws. Junior Firefighters are always closely monitored by senior members of the department and report directly to “Junior Advisers” (Chief Albrewczynski, Lt. Sennett, Lt. Kalivoda).

Requirements –

  • 16 years of age to 18 years of age (once you turn 18, you will be moved to “probationary” status).
  • Must maintain a “C” average while in school (copies of report cards to be turned into the Junior Advisers).
  • Live within the West Lake response district or close proximity.
  • Interview with applicant AND a legal guardian.

Junior Firefighters are able to attend classes and obtain certifications for most classes. West Lake encourages junior firefighters to obtain the following certifications: Essentials of Firefighting (Mods 1-3) and Emergency Medical Technician or Emergency Medical Responder.


***To obtain an online application, click the ‘recruitment’ tab.***