The West Lake Fire Department is a 100% volunteer department. We are always seeking citizens that are interested in becoming active in their community by  joining the department. You need no experience to join West Lake and ALL training will be provided to you at no cost! Not interested in fighting fire? Don’t worry! West Lake offers four different types of membership: Active Firefighter, Junior Firefighter, Fire Police and Ladies Auxiliary (see sub tabs under ‘recruitment’.

Please be aware that the West Lake Fire Department holds the right to deny any applicant for membership for any reason.

To apply

For all of the positions above, there are two options on how to apply. First, you can download and print an application by clicking the link below. Once successfully completed, please return to Station 48. Second option, stop by on a Wednesday night between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm and pick up an application. Fill out the application and return the completed application to Station 48: 3762 West Lake Road, Erie, PA 16505.
Current Application (You can either click this link for online application OR fill out the word document listed below).

Please use the link to fill out a Criminal History Background Check.

New West Lake App

Understanding the Application Process –

Step 1 – Submit application along with all other requested documents.

Step 2 – Investigation Committee will review application in full.

Step 2a – Investigation Committee accepts application and contacts candidate for interview.

Step 2b – Investigation Committee denies application and terminates process. Committee/Department does not contact applicant.

Step 3 – Interview is held at the candidates residence or fire station (to be determined by chairman).

Step 4 – Upon successful interview, application will be reviewed in front of the membership body.

Step 4a – If interview is unsuccessful, the process will be terminated. Committee/Department does not contact applicant.

Step 5 – Candidate is brought into department on “Probationary” status. While on probation, member can be terminated at any point without cause.

The application process will take approximately 1-2 months depending on availability of investigation committee, applicant and paperwork.